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Conservation of a Nalukettu House - Designer Plus Builder

October 31, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM

The conservation of this Nalukettu- Panicker House was featured in the magazine Designer Plus Builder. The quartet was built about a century ago with all of the refinement of craftsmanship and architectural uniqueness. The long verandah, three chambers, courtyard, basement, terrace, and chawadi of the house were all symbols of majesty. A total of 24 wooden pillars encircle the porch and the middle floor. The porch and the middle floor are surrounded by 24 timber pillars. The rings on these pieces are formed by the age and heart marks of the teak.

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The old pillars covered with red sandstone and paint are now replaced with teak wood. The excellence of the carvings is evident on the door panels and facades. The intricately carved triangle façade on all four sides contributes to the grandeur of the house. All these facades have been preserved with old carvings. On one of the facades, records of the year the house was built are also present. The skill of the carpenters under the leadership of Muthashari Radhakrishnan in all the carvings is noteworthy. More images of this project can be found at

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