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Dakshinachitra-Vernacular Architecture- Architecture Plus Design

May 31, 2004 at 6:30:00 PM

The article published in Architecture plus Design highlights the prominence of vernacular architecture of South India in the design of Dakshinachitra, a cultural museum in India. Designed by Dr Kuriakose, the project showcases elements of vernacular architecture from the southern states. Traditional houses from the four southern states have been carefully chosen and recreated within the premises adding to an environment ideal for nurturing the regional arts and crafts.

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The goal was to produce a physical environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing and embodies the vernacular ideal, but also climatologically sound, simply functional, and cost-effective in terms of construction and maintenance. The open areas have functional value as they act like spillover spaces for various activities during large events and festive occasions. The three dominant features branding this group of buildings are the courtyards, verandahs and the roofing systems.

The site also incorporates principles of sustainable architecture and made up of courtyards allowing light and fresh air into the built form. Read the article to explore and learn more about the principles, details and aesthetics of the culture centre.

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