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Ecofriendly House In Chennai - Vanitha Veedu

July 31, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

This article in Vanitha Veedu magazine features one of our eco-friendly houses in Chennai- Seetharaman House. By honouring the client's expectations at every point, the Seetharaman residence provides a respite from the punishing heat and bleak tones of Chennai city. The major goal in designing the house was to create a spacious, bright, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain traditional Kerala style house out of natural materials. Other features include strategically placed skylights that let in natural light and divided floor levels that offer variation to the interior areas.

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Benny Kuriakose says, "Although my houses have been widely covered in English magazines and books- both in India and abroad, a detailed write up on them has not appeared in any of the Malayalam magazines. One of the houses, that of Krishnakumar and Ambily which I have completed more than a year ago has been featured in the August issue of Veedu Magazine. Although some of my friends might not understand the article written in Malayalam, please go through the photos of the house."

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