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Green Mansion - Inside Outside Magazine

November 30, 2011 at 6:30:00 PM

Inside Outside writes an article on one of Dr Benny Kuriakose's projects- Casa Rojo, a beach house near Chennai. Benny Kuriakose designs Casa Rojo, a house of tropical splendour with green accents for Maria and Ranjeet Jacob, on the beachfront near Chennai, which won him an award a the Celebration of Architecture. This vacation house design is designed with cost-friendly materials, to create something of beauty and warmth, suited both to their lifestyle and the environment.

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There is a Spartan elegance to the entrance of the warm brick and tiled roof mansion as you enter through a covered porch into a corridor and a formal drawing-room. The most striking feature at Casa Rojo is the Mangalore tiles roof, or series of roofs that enclose the mottled pink brick walls in continuous creases and folds, like a collection of origami hats. Since they have been collecting antique cupboards, chairs, chests, prints, table lamps and tables for a long time, these provide the unique flavour that they have learnt to create, incorporating the old with the new, serenely and timelessly.

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