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Hot 100 Trend Setters - Benny Kuriakose

February 28, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

The special fifth-anniversary edition of Architect and Interiors India presents 100 top architects in India who have influenced as well as made their mark in the field of architecture. The list features Dr Benny Kuriakose, the principal designer of Benny Kuriakose & Associates (Vedika). From conservation projects, to being a consultant to government organisations, Dr Benny Kuriakose’s contribution to architecture has been noteworthy. The article provides a concise narrative of his journey in the field, as well as the various projects he has worked on through the years.

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It describes how Dr Kuriakose, a man with an affiliation towards vernacular design and conservation, started practising independently in 1993 and has worked on commissioned major projects like the rebuilding of Banegaon village. It also describes his work on Dakshinachitra, Chennai and how he acts as a consultant for INTACH. The article lists his conservation projects as well as projects such as Backwater Ripples Resort, where his adaptation of vernacular architecture with an emphasis on natural materials and traditional techniques is evident. Read the article to know more!

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