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Muziris Heritage Project - Indian Architect And Builder Magazine

February 28, 2013 at 6:30:00 PM

Indian Architect and Builder Magazine features the Muziris Heritage Project under the title “An Inventory of Vanished Treasures.” The Muziris Heritage Project in Kerala by Benny Kuriakose and Associates understands the need to conserve, enhance and interpret the cultural significance of the ancient landscape of the port city of Muziris and prepares it to, not only, adapt to a modern setting, but also contribute significantly to the aspirations that accompany it.

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The Muziris region, one of the major conservation works done by Benny Kuriakose in its context, establishes an extraordinary example of how historic monuments, archaeological remnants and natural landscape together collaborate to illustrate a significant stage in human history, bearing testimony to its fast-disappearing culture and tradition. The Muziris Heritage Project does not seek to preserve the past while valourising it or by succumbing to blind revivalism, but instead cautiously resuscitates its inherent value by awakening its memory by embracing contemporary agendas. With this, it strives to mediate the future, one that is born of the past but is not trapped within it.

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