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The Man With No Pretence - Benny Kuriakose - Frozen Thoughts

November 30, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

Frozen Thoughts with Benny Kuriakose gets up-close and personal with the Chennai-based architectural designer and conservation consultant. The article talks about Benny Kuriakose, his early life, education and the time he was under the direct tutelage of Laurie Baker. So many celebrities live in houses designed by him. He is the man behind the rehabilitation homes of the victims of the earthquakes of Gujarat and the tsunami in Tamil Nadu. This national award-winning architectural designer is primarily a wonderful human being and of course a renowned conservation consultant.

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“No matter how many times you visit the same building, the feel of that place should still be new and fresh. Buildings should not pretend. The temple should look like a temple, a school like a school and a house like a house,” says Benny Kuriakose. The concept is very important to him. Any building is more of a feeling, and one should want to experience the spaces again and again. He wants to focus on arriving at an Indian solution in this context and he feels that will be his contribution to society.

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