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Vishram by the Sea - Excerpt From the Book Indian Design

August 31, 2004 at 6:30:00 PM

This excerpt from the book Indian Design published by Daab features a series of photographs of Vishram By The Sea, a private residence located in Chennai. The images of the beach house interiors create a visual narrative that draws attention to the elements of Kerala architecture as well as the calming Mediterranean shades. Large verandahs and open places provide peaceful siestas. Timber is used extensively on the inside for all openings and traditional furnishings.

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The use of timber for column brackets, rafters, and eave boards, among other things, adds a richness to the house that is complemented by the traditional Athangudi tile flooring, which adds a rhythm to the spaces with their warm luminous colours. The masonry on the staircase and throughout the inside is smooth, creating a distinct aesthetic feel. The essence of the Mediterranean and Chettinad architecture styles are captured in vibrant hues that combine perfectly with the traditional motif. Thus, the stunning frames of the series even display the smallest of details of the seaside house.

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