Sabari Hill Side


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The Sabari Hill Side, perched on a hill overlooking the mountains and valleys, basks in the scenic vista of the Nilgiris, which permeates through its timber and glass exterior. One can experience the vastness of the land because of the glass facade wrapping the home. Built at different levels to capture the contours of the land, the varying tiers of the roof ensure an unhindered view from all parts of the house. Water bodies and courtyards have been cleverly interwoven into the planning to be visible from all spaces in this hilltop residence.

For example, a long hallway leading to the dining room is bordered on both sides by open courtyards, giving the space a sense of openness. There is also a provision for the bedrooms to have private access to the decks and other open spaces. A large amount of glass used in the construction also enables the house to stay warm in the hill station of Conoor. Finally, with its intricate sloping roof system, timber and glass facade, the house integrates nature into the interiors, offering a soothing environment to the residents.