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Architecture That Matters - How can Architecture be more human

October 31, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

Talk given by Dr Benny Kuriakose for Weekend webinar series, ensuring connectivity between virtual campus & professional entities, during virtual learning scenario. He also interacted with students at the end of the session to answer their queries.

One of his key projects,actor Mammooty’s house, is the topic of discussion in the initial section of the video. He describes in detail the design aspects and the uniqueness of the project.

He talks about the modernisation of architecture and how modern architecture failed at its objective. Many architects and intellectuals have criticised the "Modern Architecture Movement," with its tower blocks, apartments, shopping malls, and housing designs, among other things, for being socially, culturally, and environmentally inappropriate.Unfortunately, many modern architects and designers are unaware that the people who must live with their creations despise them. One can only presume that the so-called architecture was created for the adoration of other architects and for the glossy publications, yet they may criticise the general public for lacking taste or failing to appreciate the formal aspects of the work.

It is the responsibility of architects and designers to ensure that more environmentally friendly technologies are employed in the built environment. We must create new strategies and solutions, which include choosing the right technologies; building with the best, not the cheapest materials; applying life-cycle analysis; looking for local energy and material sources; and leveraging local building expertise and know-how.

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