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Dr. Benny Kuriakose in discussion with Ar Avitesh | ATalks E2

June 5, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

In this video, Benny Kuriakose explains various aspects of architecture. He briefly explains what good architecture is and bad architecture is. Benny began his career in 1984 , got a degree in civil engineering and, studying under Laurie Baker, he learned the fundamentals of design. After being granted a Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship at the University of York for an MA in conservation studies, he earned his Ph.D. at the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

By using regional and conventional techniques, Benny Kuriakose aims to create sustainable architecture. He adheres to the theory that traditional architecture may be climate-responsive and uses materials that are easily accessible locally to produce pieces that are simple in their beauty.

Traditional materials, techniques, and resources from the region where the structure is located are used to construct vernacular architecture, which is a type of regional building. In particular, when it comes to the topic of sustainability, the setting and distinctive physical and cultural features of the region are one of his main sources of inspiration. Because the environment and the local ecology have such a big influence on it, it's a great source of information, and he sees himself as an interpreter who builds and modernises these ideas.

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