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Following Vernacular Architecture not as a style- Benny Kuriakose

September 21, 2020 at 6:30:00 PM

This is a brief excerpt from the two-part interview with renowned Indian design consultant Dr. Benny Kuriakose about Vernacular Architecture. In this video, he explains that he incorporates aspects of vernacular architecture into his designs rather than using it as a style.

Vernacular architecture is typically referred to as a sort of regional building that employs customary supplies, methods, and resources from the area in which the structure is situated. One of the key sources of inspiration for Benny's work, especially when it comes to the issue of sustainability, is the context and unique physical and cultural characteristics of the area. He regards his position as an interpreter of this information, constructing and adapting these concepts to the present period. It is a fantastic source of knowledge since it is so impacted and uniquely inspired by the environment and local ecosystem.

He had worked hard over the years to develop this blending of contemporary methods with age-old concepts. One must learn to respect, draw lessons from, and adjust to a modern environment and our modern ways of living within the broad regional variances that exist within a state in India. We understand that India's diverse materials, environment, and culture suffice to give us what we need to design and create distinctive, sustainable structures, but we still want to question how the current construction industry functions, says Benny Kuriakose.

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