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Maqam Masjid


The Maqam Juma Masjid in Alappuzha is one of the most visited Muslim pilgrimage centres in Kerala. Being one of the oldest Mosques in the region, the Maqam Masjid always has a lot of devotees but not enough space to accommodate all of them at a given time. The mosque's architecture also differs from that seen in other parts of India because it draws on both traditional Kerala architecture and Islamic architectural influences. The masjid has thus, been conserved under the Alappuzha Heritage Project by us. The conservation project aims to preserve not just the physical fabric of the structure but also the identity of the place.

The main objective is to retain the structure and the usability of the space as a prayer hall. Therefore, the Kerala masjid is conserved with minimal interventions to maintain its heritage and cultural importance. The approach for assessing present and future conditions through non-destructive testing, model studies of structural elements, characterization of major construction materials used such as lime mortar, and suitable interventions are required for checking and controlling dampness. The roof structures, as well as the decayed timber elements, were conserved, and a supplementary prayer area was added to increase the holding capacity of the mosque. As the site is located on the edge of the Alleppey commercial canal, prompt intervention will help in bringing Alappuzha's rich heritage back to life.

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