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Saukar Masjid


The Halayi Momens, who migrated from Gujarat, erected the 250-year-old Saukar Masjid, which is one of Alappuzha's oldest mosques. The Muslims of the Halayi Momen community used to frequent to Kerala for business, during the reign of Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal. The mosque was built on a plot of land that was granted to them by Raja Keshavadas, the Diwan of Travancore. The architecture of the mosque exhibits characteristics from Turkish or Eastern European styles. With time, several alterations and additions that are unsympathetic to the original character of the building were done.

Hence, the masjid has been conserved as a part of the Alappuzha Heritage Project. The roof of Saukar Masjid is unique with the pyramid hip style, followed by a frieze at the top. The roof along with the original structure was restored to its former glory. The restoration aims to preserve the rich history and heritage of the place. The conservation of the Saukar Masjid helped in the upliftment of the entire neighbourhood, and the cleaning of the water canals.

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