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MRC Centre


The Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar (MRC) centre designed by Jeevan V and Benny Kuriakose is a memorial to the mother-in-law and father-in-law of the client. The client desired the best Kalyanamandapam but we proposed a convention centre with one more large hall and a few smaller ones (similar to the multiplex). One large hall required roughly 70000 square feet, however, the total area required for both the halls and the mini halls was only 100,000 square feet because many of the facilities could be shared. The MRC centre, inspired by structures of the past amalgamates many elements from different historic buildings in Madras.

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The facade design incorporates cast-iron railings, stone cladding, towers, and louvres influenced by a blend of components from the Senate House, Chepauk Palace, the Railway Quarters on Sterling Road, and old Chettinad naattukottais. The plan is done by taking into account adequate natural light, good cross ventilation, good ceiling height, proportion, and so on. The areas should work even without AC. Acoustical aspects are considered and included in the design of the building's finishes. To keep the building cool, it has broad verandahs on both sides. Because there were two large roads on both sides, we had to prioritise all elevations. The door and windows set within the rows of arches and the large windows embellished with the railings render an ethnic feel to the facade. We also wanted to give the commercial building a magnificent appearance because it is a massive structure.

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