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A Hut Tale


A Hut Tale was a 25 square foot thatched hut that stood for twenty-eight years. The brief of the client was to retain the existing foundation and transform it into her permanent residence. The redesign took care to respond to the client's love of living "naturally with all modern amenities". Originally, the building consisted of a thatched roof with an arched entrance. Its redesign involved the addition of a verandah, a private courtyard and an open-to-sky bath. Cost-effective solutions were provided without spoiling the natural climate and the ecosystem. The hut house was predominantly made from natural materials.

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The use of cement was minimized, and the walls were plastered with lime. All the doors and windows were recycled from houses demolished for other reasons. The main door of the original hut was retained. Unpolished and unprocessed silver oak, normally used for the framework, was used as columns in the front verandah and for flooring on the mezzanine level. Thus, the charm of the old hut has been retained by using natural materials, minimizing the use of cement, steel and concrete, and keeping with the spirit of sustainable architecture.

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