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Chandramandala and Chandramandapa, forerunners of outstanding performance spaces stand next to each other, visually complementing each other. The beautiful venue, set opposite popular Besant Nagar beach, is a public arena for art, drama, and experimental acts. The roof of the larger performance theatre, the Chandramandala developed massive gaps because of a cyclone that claimed over 200 tiles and left it in despair. Once a rehearsal and work-in-progress space, the Chandramandala has been transformed into a contemporary open-air theatre for small audiences. The subtle changes incorporated into the original 25-year-old structure are hardly perceptible.

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The renovations done include raising the height of the structure and enlarging the existing stage. A few green rooms and their auxiliary facilities are also added to this cultural centre. Exposed brick walls, random rubble masonry and wild trees left to grow around the campus help the rustic appeal of the place and make it grounded. The damaged two-tiered Kerala roof has been renovated, and seating spread along the compound wall and open space enable more people to be accommodated. Slit vents in the Kerala roof provide optimal air circulation and the illumination of the interiors.

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