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Kottapuram Market


One of Kerala's oldest markets is the Kottappuram market. The market street now reflects the pressures and issues that have arisen as a result of modernization. There have been plans to restore the market's distinctive architectural heritage by renovating the streetscape. The proposals emphasise an integrated approach to the market's overall development and environmental improvement. The market's historic buildings will be preserved by repairing damaged structures, finding new uses for unused stores, and restoring the buildings' original charm.

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The unsympathetic detailing that is currently present hampers the cultural setting of the place, and hence these details will be retrofitted by the traditional detailing. Buildings with flat concrete roofs must be rebuilt with sloping tiled roofs. Roof ears, wooden railings, well-detailed concrete jaali parapets, timber columns, pilasters, cornices, and timber shutters for shop fronts and windows are all classic architectural components that will be used in the design. As a result, the project aims to revitalise the market for the benefit of the residents, shop owners, and labourers. The Kottapuram market will be upgraded to offer tourists a sense of the tradition and culture of the region.

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