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Paravur Market Revitalization


The Paravur market is located near one of the Muziris historic project's key terminal locations. The traditional aspect of the marketplaces distinguishes them from typical shopping markets. Modern shopping malls do not have a line of shops sharing a single wall, nor do they have open trading occurring within the market on market days. Furthermore, while there are many traditional structures, many of them have been renovated or new constructions have been built without regard for the traditional architecture of buildings. These new additions stand out without taking on the spirit of the market street.

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As a result, in addition to upgrading common utilities, the businesses are being restored to their original character in order to provide tourists a more authentic and original view of the market. The store fronts have been altered to re-create the original market streets and traditional shops. The essential architectural components taken from the existing structures within the market will be reused to provide uniformity in the market's architectural style, which is rapidly fading. By doing so, the market will reclaim its former appearance, providing tourists with a new and unique experience.

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