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Before structure relocation, maintenance was impossible for the owner as the house was in ruins. The worn-out timber was treated well before demolition and transported to Chennai after documentation.

The architectural style of northern and central Kerala varies from that of the southern part of the state. Laterite, a building material made from clay and stone oxidised into blocks, is extensively used in construction. Moreover, the incorporation of wood is subtle as compared to Travancore homes. The windows are unadorned and supported by louvred bars that assist ventilation and privacy from the outside. The pillars supporting the inner walls and courtyard are more elaborate and structurally sustaining than the ones outside. The eaves are carved out from wood and reroute the rainwater from entering indoors.

Calicut House


Originally resided by the Menon family from Mancavu in Calicut, the two-storeyed home represents a traditional middle-class home in central and northern Kerala. Menon family is one of the most well-known matrilineal families in Kerala. Their homes are characterised by the small rooms adjacent to each other and around the Nadumuttam (central courtyard) while providing private space away from the joint family, which housed up to three generations. Poomukham, the semi-open entry space, entertains guests and acquaintances without permitting them into the private sphere.

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