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The stone pillars that surround the courtyard become thinner as they approach the roof, eventually meeting the minimalist capital at the top. The exposed lattice brickwork and the smooth tiles complement each other as well as the character of the museum. The row of arched passages along the outstretched verandah gives a sense of lightness to the space. The craft shop adjacent to the main entrance provides a glimpse of what to expect and is flooded with curious visitors admiring the crafts and souvenirs representing the cultures of South India.

Reception Center


A long drive from the entrance, lined by lush native plants and trees, ends at the magnificent view of the building that houses the reception centre and craft shop. The character of the reception and craft shop blends cultures from south India. The green signboards indicate the location of the reception and other nearby buildings. Posters of the upcoming cultural events are displayed on boards next to the entrance. A couple of steps from the drop-off point lead to the entrance to the reception. The vast central courtyard garden that adorns beautiful terracotta sculptures that can be seen peeking through the intricately carved doors of the building. It facilitates ample light and ventilation in the building.

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