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The interior wall of the restaurant has an alternate pattern of windows and niches of equal sizes. The colour palette consists of a pop of bright and earthy colours over a raw brick backdrop that complements the buildings in each state of DakshinaChitra. The Bekal restaurant is positioned on a plinth higher than the Kanali restaurant, with seating arranged over the stone platform. The two restaurants are adorned with sculptures, with a deliberate arrangement of stone carvings and Chettinad pillars. Thus, the design resonates with the culture of every state in the southern part of India.



The Bekkal and Kanali restaurant is located near the entrance of Dakshinachitra and complements the character of the museum. The three-gabled roof facade with a semi-open verandah around the restaurant brings a unique character to the building, which is open and accepting. The distinctive sloping roof resembles the paper folds of origami, serving the purpose of both aesthetics and function. The two restaurants face each other and are connected by the Mandapa. The mandapa is a peaceful haven where one can stroll leisurely through the wide verandah and well-lit courtyards.

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