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Anantya Resorts


Nestled among tall rubber trees, overlooking the Chittar dam in Kanyakumari, Anantya resorts evoke serenity in the viewer. The design's thoughts and aims were clear: keep it green so that it resonates with the environment while also respecting the region's green scenery. The exposed brick and rubble masonry leads to a design that becomes a part of the landscape. The reception, located amidst a thicket of rubberwood trees, announced what awaited in this attractive green resort with its curved tiled roof, water bodies, and lack of walls blurring the line between outside and interior spaces.

The cottages are situated in front of the magnificent lake. The views of the aquatic expanse are available not only from the peaceful gazebos in the individual gardens but also from the room's interiors. The cottages are designed with vernacular influences featuring an elegant Kerala porch with antique doors, exposed brick walls, curving roof tiles, and yellow oxide floors coupled with old world charm furniture. An open bathroom concept is also incorporated.

The decor, whether it is in the furnishings, the cement flooring, or the structure chosen, exuded vernacular sentiments. The gateways, the niches for lamps, the thatched gazebo next to the lily pond and many other simple elements are exceptionally detailed to enhance the ambience of the place as a whole. Its appeal is completely earthy and rustic. Finally, the comfort and polished luxury that one would expect from a resort can be found at Anantya. Nonetheless, it also has a minimalist and simple feel about it.

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