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Backwater Ripples Kumarakam


The village of Kumarakom, located against the backdrop of Lake Vembanad, is a sight to behold in all seasons in Kerala's backwaters. A compact plot set along the banks of the lake houses the Backwater Ripples Resort. The uniqueness of the lakeside resort is that twenty-one cottages and twelve rooms have been comfortably accommodated on this small plot of land. The layout is designed such that every cottage gets the lake view by placing them in a staggered row. The bedrooms are further raised onto a mezzanine level for better views while ensuring sufficient privacy.

The Kumarakom lake resort also sports all the amenities required for a wide range of vacations, all planned to sit aptly on the site. Though the cottages reflect a variety of design styles, the construction follows traditional Kerala architecture, with generous use of timber, while other materials include bricks, stone and Mangalore tiles. The use of these natural materials make the footprint lighter and also blend with the surroundings visually. The contemporary design of the front office and conference rooms, a dining area with bar, a lawn for large gatherings, and a swimming pool fit in with the lake. The clock tower is one that all passers-by look out for, as it tells the time in the boats on the lake.

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