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Club Mahindra Ooty Derby Green


Set against the picturesque backdrop of valleys and ridges of Nilgiris mountains, the Derby Green is a family resort designed for Club Mahindra in Ooty. The old Dasaprakash hotel in Nilgiri Hills was bought by Club Mahindra, which was then conserved into a colonial-style heritage resort. The resort design follows the meandering natural topography of the site. The main reception building features elegant interiors with ample seating and separate access points for the staff and the guests. The building is bordered by a long verandah that leads to a compact auditorium-like space that can be used for social gatherings.

Ascot & Pink Room has an outdoor seating arrangement near the lush lawn area, where guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines. The rooms in the resort are spacious and well-furnished, with private bathrooms and lovely views of the green surround. The Svaastha Spa, a gym, a silk store, a play area, laundry service, and parking are all available on the property, which overlooks the Ooty racecourse. The colours of the building blend in with the sky above it and the land below. The landscaping and interior design were done by Singapore firms. The resort, which is inspired by traditional European aesthetics with a modern twist, is surrounded by flowering Neela Kurinji flowers.

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