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Hotel Regenta Central Herald


The Regenta Central Herald is a high-end business hotel located in the heritage city of Mysore. The interior design of the hotel Regenta Central Herald has been predominantly done using natural materials. Sustainably designed, the interior design of the hotel feature solid timber to minimise the use of veneers and laminates. Recycled timber from an old building in Kerala has been used to make the carved railings and the vintage-style reception booth. The various tones of timber utilised in the suites work well together with the light-coloured walls.

The interior of the rooms is elegantly done with a modest timber headboard for the bed, a sleek TV unit and a study cum dressing table. The low height ceiling in the dining and banquet areas has been cleverly transformed into a grid-iron false ceiling with lighting. Light colours and lightweight furniture are utilised to avoid crowding the space and keep it cheerful. The fine skill of the artisans and craftsmen involved is seen throughout the hotel, including the handcrafted light fixtures. The lamps provide a warm ambience complementing the wooden floors. Therefore, the hotel's carefully chosen materials, minimal décor, and neutral palette reflect the tradition and add to the hotel's charming atmosphere.

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