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Malayalee Club


The Malayalee Club in Chennai, founded in 1897, is India's oldest socio-cultural institution dedicated to promoting Kerala's tradition, culture, and way of life. The club underwent a massive expansion and modernisation development for completing 100 years. The redevelopment involved providing cutting-edge services for its members and incorporating Kerala architecture into the design. The courtyards, interiors and sloping roofs all around the building effectively express the spirit of Kerala architecture. The four-storey community centre has been efficiently planned to provide a hassle-free, recreation centre for the members, by maintaining clear boundaries between the public and semi-public places.

The car parking is located in the basement, with the ground floor housing communal areas like the clubhouse, game rooms and auditorium. The banquet hall, restaurant, bar and kitchen are provided on the first floor, while the library and mini-conference rooms are on the second. The two upper floors are reserved for the office spaces that can be rented out. Services such as pump rooms, electrical rooms, chiller plants, and other amenities are available on the basement and terrace floors. Essentially, the Malayalee Club is a cultural centre that provides a small slice of home for Keralites in Chennai.

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