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Mangala Heritage Retreat


Mangala Heritage home is nestled in the quaint village of Thirupugalur situated on the outskirts of Nagapattinam District, perfect for a weekend getaway. The traditional house consists of two parts, with a yard separating both. The front portion has an open courtyard in the centre and two bedrooms, while the back portion, beyond the yard, contains the kitchen, dining and two more bedrooms. The courtyards are painted in the colours of the sun and the sky and are embellished with glossy, tapered wooden pillars. A distinguishing feature is the use of vivid contrasting colours such as bright yellow, blue and orange.

Polished pillars, twin wooden swings, framed artwork, brass antiques, and cement bathtubs are some of the interior features that stand out. Even the bathroom's fittings are brass, making for a sublime setting in the past. The utilisation of niches in the bedroom, packed with unique items, is another striking design element. As a result, the structure is a traditional Chettinad style house with an austere façade that contrasts sharply with its warm interiors.

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