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Quiet By The River Resort


The confluence of the Malayattoor forest, the Periyar river and the mountains in the backdrop bestows a picturesque location for the Quiet by the River resort. The objective was for guests to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of the Periyar river while staying in a comfortable setting. The riverside resort is skillfully designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, with sloping clay tile roofs, wood and stone walls of the cottages nestled among the greenery. The four twin cottages are situated in the landscape in an uncluttered manner, with each construction taking up a significant percentage of the small island's existing green area.

Blending in harmoniously with the hues and shades of its surroundings, the forest resort made of river stone and bricks promoted sustainable design, local expertise and provided employment opportunities in the area. Old timber salvaged from century old bungalows were transported to the site, to enable specialised craftsmen to embed it on the cottages overlooking the gurgling river. The visual connection prevailing via the wood and glass walls enclosing the section further penetrates into the senses in the dining area. Quiet by the river, is nature, undisturbed, in its magnificent best.

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