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Rani Meyyammai Hostel


Rani Meyyammai hostel, a ladies hostel, located at the heart of Chennai city, has been helping women since 1976 by providing a comfortable abode with all prerequisites. It has been recently renovated to upgrade the existing hostel rooms and other amenities. The common hostel facilities like dining, waiting area, etc., and the hostel rooms are provided on separate floors to ensure the privacy and safety of the residents. A conscious effort has been made to increase the social spaces in the compound, where a vast central courtyard and other small pockets of breathing spaces have been provided. The rooms are arranged around the central courtyard.

The spacious courtyard surrounded by plants and trees contains seating and tables that prove to be a wonderful space for fresh air. The sun's warmth combined with the tree's cool shade creates a soothing environment for the people to relax and come together. Behind the current structure, a new annexed complex with parking facilities on two levels and additional hostel rooms on the floors above has also been proposed. Substantial changes have been made to the interiors, while the exterior interventions have been minimum. The exterior walls were brightened, and sunshades were installed to shelter the structure from the sun and rain. The vibrant colours of the exterior walls provide a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

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