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The Rainbow


The Rainbow by Alive Lifespaces is India's first holistic retirement community in Trivandrum, Kerala, reflects the way of life of the elderly. With a carefully crafted blend of architectural and universal design elements created to meet the needs of the elderly, the Rainbow embodies the best of communal life. Environmentally harmonious architectural style and design have been explored, with an innately beautiful natural planning that is in tune with the elements and the land's structure. Their motto, "Live life the way it should be lived!" is echoed in the design, which features courtyards, spacious balconies, and terraces so that the residents may enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own homes .These balconies, sit-outs, and semi-open spaces built into residences provide users with visual and audio protection, lovely views of site activity, and aesthetic luxuries. The space also conforms to the design vocabulary required for a peaceful and meaningful life, with a compelling play of light and shadow amidst expertly placed gardens.

The property consists of individual (villa) and shared (apartment) living options. The design is intended to enable the elderly to connect while also encouraging their independence. The front verandahs in the villas are furnished with seats to interact and engage the residents. Ramps are also available to facilitate easy access to the houses. External stairs are utilised in conjunction with ramps to give accessible alternatives and routes for all. All of the residential units are wheelchair accessible, and the entrances are accentuated with distinctive Kerala roofs and other landscape features, making every building entrance easily identifiable and distinguishable from the rest of the structure. Spaces are created such that plantings and other personal objects can be used to decorate the thresholds of residents, and they can be a space for personalization for the residents. The interiors are also designed in a personalized way considering the audio, visual and tactile needs and safety of the elderly.Even the smallest elements are carefully designed and intended to help them.

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