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Harishree Vidyalaya


Harishree Vidyalayam School is a refreshing change from the traditional school design with classrooms arranged on the sides of hallways. It employs open courtyards to separate the classrooms, making each look and feel unique. The school design with its vast courtyards, verandahs and well-ventilated classrooms emphasises the freedom of the students and enhances their creativity. Every classroom has spacious verandahs and courtyards that open to the sky, making the school more comfortable for the pupils. An open auditorium in the ground floor courtyard acts as a focal point with the rooms arranged around it.

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Another closed auditorium space is provided on the terrace floor to avoid crowding within the building, whilst the classrooms, staffrooms, and other amenities are distributed on the intermediate floors. The classroom design with taller windows provides ample light and cross-ventilation to make the learning experience pleasant and comfortable. On entering the campus, one can experience peace and calm due to the warm colours and lush greenery seen throughout. Thus, dotted with small and large open courtyards, the design of Harishree Vidyalayam stands without a predecessor.

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