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Sankalp School


Sankalp The Learning Centre & Special Needs School, in Kollapancheri, Chennai, is the institution that provides remedial teaching to kids with impairments including dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The design of the autism school has been developed to create an environment ideal or normal for the students so that the disturbances are minimal and they can incorporate their head, heart, and hands towards learning.

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The structure of the school is comparatively simple, with courtyards that serve as extended classrooms. Courtyards function as sensory outlet areas and ensure natural lighting. Verandas act as a buffer zone between high-stimulus activities like general classroom and low-stimulus activities like music, art, crafts, etc. Primary colours are avoided as they can be visually stimulating and have been replaced with more natural colours for the various areas. The building itself has been designed as a learning tool by incorporating various elements. Using different elements like water, sand and different textures to incorporate the sensory stimulation of touch and hence provide a playground, sandpit, ponds, tyre park and sensory garden. Pathways are also provided around the playground so that children can orient themselves. In the design, sharp edges are avoided for the safety of children. In the design , it has been assured to provide the children with their ideal environment to make them independent so that they can enjoy like others.

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