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School Of Engineering Design


School of Engineering Design is one of the buildings in the lush green campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), built for the Department of Engineering Design. Designed by Jeevan V and Benny Kuriakose, it is a four-storey college building with courtyards that permits good daylighting and cross ventilation in each room. The vast open courtyards link with nature outside to permeate the cool breeze into the department building. As one enters the building, four classrooms with flexible interior arrangements and twenty-one faculty rooms with the provision of air conditioning, and an air-conditioned product exhibition room can be found to the left side.

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25 seater air-conditioned conference hall and 13 labs for various subjects are designed to provide a world-class infrastructure. The usage of sunshades on all sides of the structure is a unique characteristic of the building's exterior elevation. Louvres present on all sides of the building add a visually captivating element and cut down solar radiation. The practice of rainwater harvesting supplements water supply for various uses. Thus, with brightly lit, naturally ventilated spaces, and colourful interiors, the engineering campus redefines the conventional design of a college building and offers a fresh environment to the people.

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