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The Lattur earthquake demolished the Madhya Pradesh village of Banegaon, leaving countless residents displaced and homeless. The proposal to Malayala Manorama, who had offered to rebuild it from the ground up, includes a temple as the central communal area, with dwellings, staff quarters, Panchayat office, medical facility, and village office built around it. The people of Banegaon were actively involved in the decision making for the design of their village.

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Instead of architects sitting in offices attempting to figure out how to construct houses based on data obtained from various surveys, each family would build their own home to their specifications, invariably turning it into a work of art. The villagers prefer to pack their houses close together. This is partly due to the unfriendly character of the agricultural fields, which have no shade at all, and partly due to safety concerns. The houses are modest and functional, featuring a family room, kitchen, and wash area, and are built using earthquake-resistant technology. A vast volume of open places guaranteed that families could relax, children could play, and workers could go about their business.

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