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Chapredi Bhuj


A devastating earthquake struck the village of Chapredi in Bhuj district, Gujarat on 26th January 2001, causing numerous people to lose their lives and their houses falling to dust and rubble. The Chapredi Village reconstruction project was developed after a thorough study of the traditional house-building techniques to retain the old architectural style. The principal objective of the project is to develop a layout with the resident's contribution that fulfils the conventional relationships and does not fail to remember the essential amenities, yet has the potential for evolving ways of life.

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They chose one plan from the four alternatives presented to them. The project involves the construction of two types of houses; a single house of area 30.31 sq. mts., and a twin house of area 58.72 sq. mts. Every house comprises of 2 rooms with built-in shelves. Locally available resources like the termite resistant Gujarat neem wood is also used to ensure local acceptance. Cement stabilised earth blocks, moulded from the local earth, helped build the houses in-situ. The bright coloured adornments decorated with mirror-work and tassels keep the houses rooted in tradition.

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