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Muziris Market - Kottappuram


With a mix of lifestyles, cultures, and people wanting economic links with Kerala, the Kottappuram market grew in prosperity and popularity. With time it has declined in terms of trade as well as the character of the area. Shops that have been demolished and reconstructed using modern materials disturb the character of the area. Therefore, a proposal to conserve the Kottapuram market has been initiated by the Muziris Heritage Project. The master plan promotes improving the existing townscape and finding alternate uses for neglected buildings.

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Basic services such as public restrooms, drinking water, stormwater drainage, and street lighting will be made available. Pedestrian priority streets with the pavement will make the market more enticing to visitors, and deliveries and private car entry will be restricted, which will help to reduce traffic congestion. The introduction of seating spaces, street lights, signages, waste bins shall make the experience of walking through the market a pleasant one. Guidelines for signage, advertisements, shop fronts and new buildings form the cornerstone in the revitalization of the market.

The waterfront area near the market will be transformed into a green breathing space with relaxing amenities and play areas for children. The design proposes a paved walkway and paved vehicular path along with it. Trees will be planted on the sides of the walkway with surrounding spaces. Rainwater harvesting and solid waste management will help to strengthen the market's overall infrastructure.

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