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Paravur Market - Ernakulam


Paravur Market is one of the major markets in the area, after the Kottappuram market. But, several traditional structures in the market have been modified, or new projects have arisen that do not respect the conventional line of buildings in the area. These new additions stand out without taking on the spirit of the market street. Another significant difficulty, particularly on market days, is traffic congestion and a lack of parking spaces. As a result, the Paravur market will be preserved as part of the Muziris History Project, which will address all challenges and safeguard the region's built heritage.

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By embracing aspects and features from the heritage buildings, the market is upgraded to produce harmony in the buildings in terms of scale, height, materials, and so on. The sheds inside the market for shelter are also used as spill-out spaces for restaurants and tea stalls. The trees planted to spruce up the space also shade from the scorching sun. The market is made barrier-free for the convenience of physically disabled visitors. Unlike the Kottappuram market, the Paravur market is located on either side of the main road that carries heavy traffic.

Hence, the Pedestrianisation of the big vegetable market and the small meat market is not practical. Instead, the waterfront area can be developed as a public congregation space with plenty of seating space, crowned by the foliage of trees, to view the boat races. Facilities like ATMs, internet cafés, information centres, etc., are also proposed. Hence, with adaptive reuse of vacant buildings for various amenities and introduction of uniformity in the facade treatment, the project aims at a holistic approach of the economic regeneration of the market involving the local people and development of tourism.

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