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Abdul Rahiman Sahib Museum


The home of freedom fighter Mohammed Abdul Rahiman Sahib can be found in Thrissur's Eriad village, where a family member still lives. As part of the Muziris Heritage Project, it has been preserved and made into a museum. Mohammed Abdul Rahiman Sahib's struggles and achievements as a social reformer and freedom fighter are highlighted in the museum. The house is a 'Nalukettu,' a traditional Kerala house with a central courtyard and an exterior verandah. The courtyard connects the four rooms on the ground floor, and a stair on the northern side leads to the two rooms on the first floor.

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The structure of the building was healthy, despite the fact that it had been damaged by termites. Other defects were discovered at numerous locations. New constructions that are incompatible with the old structure appear to be on the rise. The distinctive sloping roof of Kerala architecture was preserved, as were the wood carvings, and lighting was placed to highlight the attic space. The museum educates visitors with video displays and information boards strategically placed throughout the property. The Kerala government plans to purchase the area immediately surrounding the building in order to turn it into a protected monument.

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