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Cheraman Parambu Activity Centre


The Cheraman Parambu is located on the Keezhthali-Kottappuram road, in the port city of Kodungallur, Thrissur. This is a coastal area site and has a significant place in Kerala's history. The place is generally regarded as the royal seat of Cheraman Perumals, the kings of the Chera dynasty who ruled
Kerala during the 9th to 11th centuries C.E. It is widely believed that Kodungalloor served as the seat of the Chera kingdom during the Sangam Period. The Department of Archaeology designated the site as a protected monument in 1936. At various times, the site was explored, and significant archaeological material was found.

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An activity centre is being constructed at the Cheraman Parambu under the Muziris Heritage Project with the aim of engaging youths in the process of excavations and archaeological study. It is set up to familiarize the next generation with the various methods of excavation as well as archaeological research through exhibitions and interactive sessions. The centre is proposed as a location which might map the ongoing period of at least 2000 years, with an emphasis on the history of Kodungallur, and functions as a space for educational and interactive activities for students.

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