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Kottappuram Market


Being one of the oldest markets in Kerala, the Kottappuram market has a variety of Portuguese, Dutch and traditional Kerala influences. The proximity of the market to the waterway largely contributed to its importance, which diminished with the construction of the Kottapuram Kotta bridge. Insensitive development had a negative impact on the local community's social, cultural, and economic vitality. The proposals are focused on an integrated approach to the market's overall environmental and economic improvement. With an integrated approach, the revitalisation of the Kottappuram market aims at working with the local community to restore the lost social and cultural aspects of its past.

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By using components from heritage buildings in and around the market, the townscape will be developed to bring uniformity to the buildings in terms of scale and materials. The existing pattern of the region will only get minor architectural changes. Basic amenities like toilets, ATMs, drinking water and street lighting will be included to cater to the needs of all user groups. The waterfront area, along with an open-air theatre showcases a people-centric design. The overall future growth of the Kottapuram market will be focused on the market's economic rehabilitation by integrating the people of the village in the process.

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