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Muziris Visitors Centre


The Muziris Visitors Centre at Kodungallur facilitates visitors to explore the various sites that come under the Muziris Heritage Project. It is designed by Benny Kuriakose and Associates as a part of Muziris Heritage Project. The centre hall of the Muziris Visitor's Centre is designed as a double-height space with a longer span to accommodate swarms of people, who come to visit the Muziris Region. The sloping roof can be seen at two levels, with clerestory windows in the middle to light up the structure. It is supported by a complex system of metal trusses, with extra bracings that rests on the beams present at the first level. In addition to that, the visitor’s centre exhibits symmetry in its structure that brings elegance to the elevation of the building.

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The Visitors Centre will provide all the information about the Muziris Heritage Project, including transportation, directions, and Interpretation. In addition, there will be high-quality catering, a shop, and a special place for educational groups. Thus, the open floor plan design allows for the accommodation of all these amenities and the crowds that visit the Muziris Heritage Project.

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