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Paliam Nalukettu


The Paliam Nalukettu, with a large central courtyard surrounded by rooms on all four sides, was the residence of the women and children of the Paliam family. As a matrilineal society, the women in the Paliam family held equal or more importance. This is reflected in the architecture of the building, where the Valliamma’s chamber (the oldest lady of the family) was one with paramount importance. The last members left the Nalukettu after the family partition deed, and the building is no longer occupied. Therefore, a lifestyle museum has been proposed at the Paliam Naalukettu as part of the Muziris Heritage Project.

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This project recognises the importance of preserving this unique piece of history and architecture, which may educate current and future generations about a virtually extinct way of life. The museum aims to be of an international standard, satisfying the international norms and incorporating the most advanced techniques and systems to make it most interactive and communicative. The period kitchen, the bedroom, the Lamps Gallery, the Photographs Gallery, the Gallery of Agricultural Implements, and seasonal displays will be the principal exhibitions here.

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