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Ark In Paravur Synagogue Being Restored - Deshabhimani

October 25, 2010 at 6:30:00 PM

In the article that appeared in Deshabhimani, written by M S Ashokan, the "heikal or ark" of the Paravur Synagogue, which is today housed in the Jerusalem Museum, is described throughout its history. The deteriorated monument is being restored as part of the restoration project, and a wooden duplicate of the original ark will be constructed.

A model of the huge altar called Heikal, which was moved from the Paravur Jewish Temple to the historic mosque in Jerusalem, is being restored in the synagogue. The altar was recreated by expert architects from Heikal's photo, which was brought to Israel decades ago from a synagogue that belonged to Malabari Jews.
All the four history museums are getting transferable features to be called India's first hi-tech museums through the project.

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