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Chendamangalam Bridge To Be Renovated - The Hindu

August 30, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

"Every element of Muziris has a lineage. The 75-year-old Chedamanaglam bridges are no exception. They played a crucial role in connecting various areas, especially during the pre-independence period. The over 75-year-old structures, one located at Chendamangalam and another at North Paravur, lost their importance during the post-Independence era due to the commissioning of new parallel bridges. Today, plants have grown from cracks in different spots along these bridges, and their strength is weak.

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Their traditional architecture, hard wooden planks and iron poles would otherwise make these structures a window to the erstwhile British period. But in stark contrast, it’s yet another tale of heritage monuments lying in shambles. And after decades of neglect, the two wooden bridges across the Paravur River, an offshoot of Periyar, are finally being brought back to life. The article published in the Hindu discusses the Chendamangalam bridge renovation, which will take place in the second phase of the Muziris Heritage Project.

Earlier, the authorities were planning to include them in the first phase of the Muziris Heritage project but deferred the decision because of its time-bound commissioning."

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