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Muziris Heritage Project - Dr. Thomas Isaac - India Today

February 12, 2013 at 6:30:00 PM

"The Malayalam article in India today is by Dr Thomas Isaac. He discusses the historical evolution of the project and elaborates the concepts behind it. When he served as the Kerala government's finance minister, he started the project. The preservation of Muziris' cultural history might be a chance for informal education, which is what drives him to pursue these projects.

An excavation was conducted in Pattanam under the direction of PJ Cherian, Director, Kerala Historical Research Council. Young archaeologists like Selva Kumar and Shajan have advanced the argument that Muziris could be the area called Pattanam near Paravur. An impressive collection of Roman, Arabic, and Chinese pottery sherds and other remains were discovered in the early stages. This excavation is still going on. Although it cannot be asserted that Musiris was there, the civilization dates back to 1000 years before Christ.

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