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Muziris Project Inaugurated - Deshabhimani

June 27, 2009 at 6:30:00 PM

The Muziris Project Inauguration is discussed in the Malayalam article that appeared in Deshabhimani. The Muziris Cultural Initiative is a heritage restoration and tourist project that was created by the former minister, Thomas Isaac. Seasons of excavation go along with Muziris' restoration. An accurate history of the historic port city of Muziris has been created by the archaeological discoveries at the Pattanam excavation site.

It will be an exhilarating experience to travel along a dirt road covered with soil, old coins, ancient buildings, and the millennia of history and cultural diversity of the country. It is on this epic and indefinable journey that the State Tourism Department guides us through the "Muziris Heritage Project." Two thousand years of illustrious history are being recreated here."

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The project will be implemented as an integrated project of various government departments, agencies, and institutions, with the help of local bodies to ensure broad public participation. The main objective of the scheme is to strengthen the local economy. Actions will be taken to create new employment opportunities and increase the income of the locals through means such as homestay. Muziris will be a completely "green" project. It is mainly a heritage conservation project. A walk through the history of Kerala is possible through the Muziris project. The aim is to turn this legacy into a tour de force product. They will make it the largest non-formal history education project in Kerala.

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