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Muziris Restoration Of The Revered - Economic Times

September 5, 2015 at 6:30:00 PM

The Muziris Heritage Tourism Project is discussed in an article written by Elizabeth Thomas and published in the Deccan Herald newspaper's Kochi edition. With the help of heritage tourism, the initiative hopes to showcase a legacy that dates back more than a thousand years. The Kodungallur belt's ancient structures and monuments are all included in the Muziris tourist circuit.

The project's main goal is to restore the region's culture and legacy through analysis, historical preservation, and tourism growth that will allow visitors to see historic structures. The project gained interest on a global scale because it was India's largest historical reclamation endeavour. The first phase includes 18 of the 29 sites listed in the initial plan, including, among others, the Pattanam Excavation Site, the Cheraman Juma Masjid, and the Paliam Museums.

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Muziris was an ancient port where traders from Greece, Egypt, and Arabia would dock. The Dort's mouth was drowned in the middle of the 4th century by the flooding of the river Periyar, which led to Muziris' decrease in prominence. Its exact position is a matter of controversy; more on that later. Excavations conducted by the Kerala Council for Historical Research in Patanam, about 35 km from Cochin, and Kodungallur, which revealed that Muziris may have been there, aroused interest. The historical and restoration project that resulted from this is the biggest of its type in the nation, with a budget of 140 crore and funding from the state and federal governments.

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