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Relevance Of Muziris Heritage Project - New Age

February 11, 2014 at 6:30:00 PM

The importance of the Muziris Heritage Project is emphasised in the Malayalam article in the New Age. The Muziris Heritage Project is a distinctive government project to protect the Muziris region's heritage. Before the beginning of BC , Muziris was a significant commercial port in ancient Kerala. The number of ships arriving at Muziris is documented in a wide variety of Greek and Roman chronicles, traveler's diaries, and literary works from the time. The Muziris was eventually erased from history. It is conceivable that Muziris' commercial significance has been reduced due to regional changes throughout the years. The Muziris Heritage Project is a conservation project. This preserves our lost heritage. The special feature of this project is that historical research is also possible. Muziris was a confluence area for various religions. Cultural exchanges and commercial relations also happened here. It should be possible to introduce the new generation to all of these topics. It also has a level of informal education. What we need is to tap into this untapped cultural heritage. Tourism is good, but tourism is not its main purpose. It prioritises the development of the Muziris area and the preservation of the cultural background. It is our great duty to preserve the remnants of an era we have forgotten, says Benny Kuriakose, conservation consultant for the Project.

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