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Thomas Isaac And Sethu- Down The Memory Lane - Kalakaumudi Weekly

August 31, 2011 at 6:30:00 PM

"The article in Kalakaumudi Weekly is a conversation between writer Sethu and former Finance Minister Dr. Thomas Isaac. The writer and his friend walk through the land of Muziris, where his novel was born. They visited Chendamangalam, the land of Sethu, and Dr. Isaac's place, Kottapuram, together.
The Muziris Heritage Project is a big concept. Mining started in Pattanam and Kottapuram after that. Evidence yielded from Pattanam related to the Muziris can’t be discarded. Almost a hundred and twenty ships reach the coast of Kerala each year from Alexandria. It can be assumed that many of them were anchored in Muziris. That was the trade relationship Kerala had with Alexandria. Also, Muziris cannot be limited to the area called Pattanam because it is a large area of land.

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